Progetto Quaresimale Smile Again per i nostri fratelli e sorelle del Kenya

La Quaresima è anche un tempo speciale per dare forma al nostro amore per il prossimo: ecco perché anche quest’anno – oltre alla necessaria raccolta domenicale – abbiamo un progetto quaresimale intitolato “Smile Again” per i nostri fratelli e sorelle del Kenya africano!

Si tratta della costruzione di servizi igienici, che diamo per scontati e che sono presenti in ogni casa, ma che non sono ancora stati costruiti in modo centralizzato in diverse località del Kenya.

A questo scopo verranno fatte delle raccolte nelle domeniche che mancano alla Pasqua e anche la raccolta del Giovedì Santo sarà interamente dedicata a questa causa: è un bel ricordo di Gesù che si inginocchia davanti ai suoi discepoli per lavare loro i piedi!

Un loro aggiornamento:
It’s Abit long time since our last communication but all is well ,as I was  Abit far away In our neighboring country Tanzania  but now  am here will not be going back. The construction stopped for a while as one of the signatory whom I thought could help, but also she was not around as she got a work in another city, we  we have now to replace her from being the signatory for us to do the transactions.
   But I hope by the end of this week will be done by everything.
 Now we are done with the pit and the walling. The pit was the hardest work we did and it was very expressive to build as we had to do it carefully and strong as we were advised and follow the instructions that were given to us even if it was costly, because the soil here is sandy during the heavy rain it can collapse again. So we had to make it strong and permanently and am sure it will serve many years to come .
Above all we are proud of this great work even the children are proud of it as well as the community. And once again we thank you very much and the whole church and the leadership of the church we say big Thank you.
 Am looking forward to hear from you also if you may have time I can have a chat as I updated you as we move on, and upon completion will give out the full report ,but as per now
 The pit or man hole  costed ksh Ksh 43,600 the total labour it was 39 feet deep.
Others including *Stones
Aggragates, cement  iron rods, wires, cedar poles, bindings polithins transport and labor  we have spent Ksh 151,350.
Thanks alot a lot God bless you.
And myself and on the  behalf of the Smile Again family we say to thank you very much and pass our appreciations to church and to the committee.